Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a meeting comprised of CEOs of GS1s representing around 20 countries, who meet with senior executives of the Global Organization to discuss and assess global strategies and priorities, fostering integration between the main leaders of the organizations. This event takes place twice a year in different countries.

In January 2014, Brazil hosted another meeting featuring the CEO of Global GS1, Miguel Lopera, and representatives from Germany, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, United States, France, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom and Sweden.

Global Forum

The GS1 Global Forum is the annual global event created to align the Organization’s strategy, inspire and strengthen the GS1 team worldwide. This meeting takes place in Brussels and the week offers great opportunities to learn more about the latest solutions, new initiatives and best practices for innovation around the world. The event brings together over 700 participants from GS1s across over 80 different countries. Aside from the Presidents of organizations, CEOs and directors, the event is also attended by marketing managers, technical experts, stakeholders, industry representatives, trade associations, service providers that are also members in several Boards of Directors.

General Assembly

GS1 General Assembly is an event where important decisions are made for the future of organizations. The meeting plays a key role in the Organization’s governance process and monitors its overall performance. This event is attended by industry representatives and GS1 leaders from over 100 different countries. Just like the Advisory Council, the General Assembly takes place in different countries. GS1 Brazil’s performance in international GS1 events has increased significantly over the last three years. The entourage of professionals from the Brazilian organization at the Global Forum aims to interact, integrate and learn with colleagues of the various GS1 organizations and also to introduce Brazilian cases that can serve as an example to the world.


GS1 Brazil collaborates in several international GS1 Healthcare forums. The international group spearheads initiatives to improve the safety of patients and the efficiency of the supply chain, in addition to ensuring proper traceability and accurate data synchronization in healthcare.

The goal of GS1 Healthcare is to be consolidated among regulatory agencies, industry entities and other stakeholders as an unbiased and open source for those searching for input and guidance regarding the use of global standards within the health care segment, in order to ensure patient safety, security and efficiency of the supply chain, traceability and synchronicity of accurate data, benefiting both manufacturers and patients.

GS1 Healthcare brings health experts together to work on the successful development and deployment of global standards. Together, they have developed a road map regarding the use of supply chain standards, as agreed and established by the sector.

GS1 Brazil is part of the GS1 Healthcare steering committees: Healthcare Leadership Team, featuring Ana Paula Vendramini Maniero, Business Manager, and the Healthcare Steering Committee, through Virginia Villaescusa Vaamonde, the organization’s CEO.

In addition to participating in international committees, GS1 Brazil has its own local group created to understand the needs of the industry and ensure that specific Brazilian requirements are covered by global standards, in addition to promoting and supporting the adoption and implementation of such standards in the country.

Global Brand

In October 2014, GS1 Brazil pioneered the new global visual identity on its website. "Brazil became an international case with that visual change," says Frederico Coelho, Communication and Events Manager at GS1 Brazil. “We implemented this change even before the Global Office and presented the case during the Global Forum.”

The discussion on the new global brand took place within the Advisory Council, which GS1 Brazil CEO Virginia Vaamonde is a part of. The Council came to the conclusion that an organization that deals with standards should not have a different visual identity in each country, which led to the creation of a multinational discussion group.

"Brazil, at first, took part in specific matters, but was not a part of the group. Then, after gaining recognition, we were incorporated into the group,” explains Coelho. Global GS1 started working with an international agency called Bailey Brand Consulting to build the new brand.

Brazil participated in all discussions and approvals until the final model was defined. The new identity was developed and applied over the course of more than a year. “The effective deployment of the portal alone - with almost all visual identity elements - took a whole year,” said the GS1 Brazil Communication & Events manager.

Discovery App

The Discovery App is an interactive web application containing a didactic presentation of the entire history of a product (in this case, strawberry jelly) along the supply chain, from the factory to consumers’ homes. The app also addresses the entire product identification process and traceability within the supply chain, based on GS1 standards.

The application was created in 2013 by the global Office to unify the discourse and explanation of the standards around the world, regardless of language. “GS1 Brazil participated in the project from the get-go, contributing with information during application development meetings and leading the communications strategy for its launch, between 2013-2014,” said Coelho.

The application has become popular around GS1 offices worldwide, supporting successful presentations at expos and events. In Brazil, the app is featured in the Knowledge Center.