New GS1 Brazil website

The GS1 Brazil website was rethought during the new global branding adoption process. In addition to implementing the new brand identity, the portal was also restructured to meet emerging market demands. “One of the improvements is the higher responsiveness,” said Frederico Coelho, Communication & Events manager at GS1 Brazil. “Regardless of the device used to access it – mobile phones, tablets, PCs –, the website is able to identify the screen size screen and customize the browsing experience.”

The revamp process also streamlined the new member registration process, which was reduced from 19 minutes to 5 to 7 minutes overall. The content curation has adopted a cross-browser template, which allows users to find news, videos and other content regarding a particular subject.

The changes took into account opinions of users collected by the call center, analytics studies that take into account the behavior of site visitors and the business strategy of the Association. “The entire structure was designed with end users in mind,” said Coelho. The area called Associate Panel was rebuilt with much more features.

Press relations

During the triennium, press relations shifted its focus. Results were now measured with branding. GS1 Brazil managed to beat brand placement records, reaching 1,000 inserts per year. In 2015, primarily, the Association leveraged its presence on television, with the Globo Rural show, GloboNews and the Jornal Nacional news.

“The growth in the number and quality of inserts was amazing,” said Frederico Coelho. He highlights that new initiatives such as the Center for Innovation and Technology (CIT) were key to achieving this result. GS1 Brazil works with one press office in São Paulo and another in the southern region.

Social Media

The digital communication area expanded very quickly during the triennium, within the concept of integrated communication. Social networks went from adopting a communication maintenance model to become part of the strategy to leverage the core business of the organization.

GS1 Brazil is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. The electronic version of the Brasil em Código magazine is published on Issuu, and a wide array of content is available on SlideShare. "All networks that move the market, that have the potential to disseminate content are part of our current strategy," explains Coelho. "On LinkedIn, GS1 Brazil is only behind the Global Office in number of followers. On Facebook, we also rank among the top 10 for followers.”

Brasil em Código Magazine

The Brasil em Código magazine is GS1 Brazil’s quarterly publication that disseminates technological trends and innovations, primarily focused on the importance of automation and major changes in the market. The magazine published its 18th edition in the fourth quarter of 2015, featuring a special article on the 20th anniversary of online retail.

The magazine has changed a lot during this three-year period. “In addition to experiences of the GS1 universe, our goal is to introduce general topics of interest to our associate executives,” said the association’s Event & Communication manager. The magazine has a circulation of three thousand copies, and the digital version is available on Issuu, with more than twenty thousand hits per edition.