Privacy Policy


The Online Privacy Policy was created to demonstrate GS1 Brazil’s commitment towards the security and privacy of information regarding our interactive service and product users. This policy is subject to eventual changes and its periodic review is recommended.

You may visit our website and learn more about our products and services, check career opportunities, read reports, obtain information and news, without ever providing a single piece of personal information. In case you provide any personal information, this document clarifies how GS1 Brazil collects and handles personal data.

1 - Any and all information provided by our Associates is collected and stored based on strict security and confidentiality standards.

2 - All of the user information collected herein is securely transmitted through standard Internet encryption processes.

3 - Personal information provided by users is obtained based on ethical and legal precepts, which may have one or more purposes, of which all of our users shall be promptly informed.

4 - Users shall be notified which information is being collected before effective collection, upon which such users may choose to provide such data or not, fully aware of the consequences of their decision.

5 - Unless if required by legal provisions or court orders, personal information shall never be disclosed to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

6 - Access to personal information collected herein is restricted to authorized personnel only. Employees improperly using this information in violation of our Privacy Policy shall be subject to disciplinary penalties and sanctions. (Refer to Art. 12 of Law No. 12.965).

7 - All information provided herein shall remain unaltered.

8 - Our website contains links to third-party websites, whose contents and privacy policies are not under GS1 Brazil’s responsibility. We do not have access to information gathered by cookies (small files downloaded into your computer to track website movements) present in the websites accessed through such links.

9 - Due compliance with our privacy standards is required by any new organizations eventually contracted to render support services.

10 - For administrative purposes, we may eventually use cookies in this website, considering that users may at any time enable browser mechanisms to inform or even disable the cookie feature.

11 - Customer service channels are available for users to solve any eventual doubts or questions.